Animal Skeletons

Bone Building Workshop

Saturday 13th April 2024

9.45am - 4pm

£35 per person


An introductory course examining the differences between human and animal skeletons, with bone handling and skeleton building sessions.




To identify key bones of the skeleton and their function.

To understand the similarities and differences between human and animal skeletons and their functions.

To assess how bones are adapted to individual species' lifestyles.

To explore what bones can tell us about animals' age, gender, health and sometimes causes of death.

To discover some of the diagnostic clues that help to identify likely mammal groups when bones are found out of context.

To identify useful references.

To discuss health and hygiene issues when handling bones.

To highlight relevant legislation.

To learn how to put together a disarticulated skeleton (practical).


By the end of the day participants should feel more confident about:


Recognising key bones of the skeleton by their shape and function.

Classifying different mammal teeth and their functions.

Identifying clues to tell us more about their original owners.

Assembling a disarticulated animal skeleton.

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