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Our green vision

Environmental considerations are at the heart of our charitable mission. We believe that all Wildwood Trust activities should be undertaken with minimal adverse impact on the environment.


Wildwood Trust is committed to

Reducing emissions arising from energy usage within our parks.

Managing waste efficiently and recycling/composting when possible.

Enhancing biodiversity at our parks.

Reducing water use.

Using all resources responsibly.

Improving awareness of sustainability.


Reducing emissions arising from energy usage within our parks

Our cafe, main office and education centre at Wildwood Kent all use wood-burning stoves for heating. We are looking to reduce our energy consumption by installing LED lighting and renewable energy systems in the future.


Managing waste efficiently and recycling/composting when possible

We are reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill and are working on reducing this even further. We recycle the wood used to build our parks, by re-purposing old enclosures and using wood chip around the park. Our Woodland Café at Wildwood Kent has introduced a number of measures to cut down on the impact on the environment, including:

Substituting all serviettes to un-bleached recycled paper

Providing paper straws

Encouraging the use of re-usable/re-fillable drinks containers

Replaced carbonated bottled drinks with aluminium cans in our kiosk

Using only Birchwood disposable cutlery & stirrers

Replaced children’s bottled drinks with Tetra-pack alternative

Providing discount drinks for customers using re-usable cups

Recycling waste oil to bio fuel

Crisp packets collected and recycled separately

Replacing individual plastic sauce sachets with refillable squeezy bottles


Enhancing biodiversity at our parks

We encourage wildlife to our site with ponds, log piles and bird boxes.


Reducing water use

We are reducing water usage at the park through improved management and will soon be collecting rainwater into water butts for use on site.


Using all resources responsibly

We sell only sustainably sourced fish in our cafe and are working towards ensuring that only sustainable palm oil is used in the products we purchase including food and cleaning products.

We use only ecologically friendly cleaning products.

We try as much as possible to communicate electronically (email, online, digital marketing, social media) with our visitors and members to minimise using printed paper. When we do print, we work with companies that use chemical-free printing plates, vegetable-based ink and carbon balance schemes. The paper supplied for our leaflets is from a company which works with Woodland Trust to mitigate the CO2 emissions generated by the production, storage and distribution of the paper by planting new trees.


Improving awareness of sustainability

Our staff are committed to our green philosophy, and we are adding signs to demonstrate to visitors how they can help to protect our environment.

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