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Take a walk on the Wild Side

We're launching our first ever fundraising event! We're challenging you to walk as far as you can during the first two weeks of April, reconnecting with nature and getting out into the wild, all whilst raising money for a fantastic cause.

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You can take on this challenge on your own or as a family. Walk on the Wild Side is a great way for you to go walking whilst raising vital funds to protect, conserve, and rewild British wildlife.

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From 29th March - 14th April, we're challenging our supporters to get back to nature by taking a walk on the wild side. We've got four different distances to choose from, so you can set yourself a target and fundraise for your challenge. Try to complete your walk all in one, or split it over the two weeks - but make sure you track your distance so you can keep everyone updated!

We want to encourage you to not only challenge yourself, but take this chance to reconnect with nature as well. We've suggested a couple of routes that go through the Blean Woods, getting up close with the Blean Bison project, but feel free to plan your own routes and take on this challenge from anywhere.

Everyone who signs up will be sent a fundraising pack, with some helpful tips on how to get started, as well as your own Wildwood branded hat - prefect for when you're on your walk! With your fundraising pack you will also get some nature identification sheets for you to tick off all the wildlife you see on your walks. Spring is the perfect time to get back outside, just as our wildlife is waking up and new growth is beginning to emerge - and hopefully the weather getting a bit better too!

Your Rewards

  1. Trish With Medal

    Wildwood Medal

    Get your own Wildwood Supporter medal when you raise £50 or more.

  2. Arctic Posed

    Wildwood Adoption

    If you raise over £250, you get to choose an adoption of any of our animals.

  3. Bear 800X500

    Animal Encounter

    Anyone who raises over £1,000 will get to meet one of our animals up close.

Suggested Routes

  1. 3KM Route

    Wild Wander - 3km

    This is the perfect distance if you are new to fundraising challenges, or would like to take on this challenge with your family. We've suggested a simple, flat route through West Blean Woods that borders on where the bison are busy at work.

  2. 10KM Route

    Wild Walk - 10km

    More of a challenge, this distance will take several hours and is better suited to those who are a little more active, or perhaps looking to push themselves a bit. The route we've suggested follows the area of the Blean the bison are in, as well as some of the areas with iron aged pigs and long horn cattle, so there's a chance you might see some ecosystem engineers at work!

  3. 25KM Route

    Wild Hike - 25km

    This is quite the challenge, and we'd recommend this one for the more experienced walkers. Make sure you've got a good pair of walking boots and are prepared for a hike, as walking 25km all in one go could take most of the day!

  4. 50 KM Route

    Wild Trek - 50km

    The ultimate challenge. We'd recommend splitting this challenge over at least two days, and you'll want to make sure you've done plenty of training in advance to take on this trek. 

How can you get involved?


Step 1 - Sign up

Sign up to take part, and receive your fundraising pack in the post, alongside your own Wildwood hat.

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Step 2 - Set up your fundraiser

The easiest way to collect donations is online, so we'd recommend creating a JustGiving page.

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Step 3 - Share your story and raise money

The people most likely to donate to your challenge are your friends and family, so make sure you share your story on social media!


Step 4 - Take on your challenge

From the 1st of April, you have two weeks to complete your challenge. Get those walking boots out, plan your route, and take on your challenge. Make sure you share your updates, and tag in Wildwood!



From rescuing bears trapped in awful conditions to releasing bison as ecosystem engineers, everything we do at Wildwood is only possible because of our incredible supporters. As a charity, we rely on donations to make sure we can continue our vital conservation work, and restore native British species.

Taking on a fundraising challenge is a fun way that you can be part of the team helping to continue the work we do. Together, we can create a future where people and nature thrive side by side.

Along the way, we're here to support you, and provide tips and advice. If you have any questions, or would like to chat to a member of the team, you can contact us at fundraising@wildwoodtrust.org.

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