1. Segestria Florentina Web

    I Spied A Spider

    20th Oct 2021

    Have you ever been bitten by a spider? I have.

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  2. Eclipse2 Web

    Wolf Bites Sun

    7th Jun 2021

    On June 10th between about 10.10 a.m. and 12.20 p.m. a partial eclipse of the Sun will be visible from UK, weather permitting. When I say ‘visible’, I mean it may be seen provided suitable precautions are taken to protect your eyes. Even a brief glance directly at the sun can cause permanent damage to your eyes, so should not be attempted under any circumstances.

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  3. Greys1 800X500

    Greys versus Crows

    26th Apr 2021

    Sounds like a match between two American football teams doesn’t it? But no, only one was American. It was a real life battle played out between Wildwood’s resident wild crows and a non-native grey squirrel that strayed too close to their nest.

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  4. Banner 2500X1500

    Top tips to welcome wildlife to your back garden

    24th Feb 2021

    Whether the owner of a tiny balcony or a huge garden space, everyone can connect with nature and wildlife through simple steps to create a wilder environment in their patch.

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  5. Conservation Spotlight Wildcat2 Web

    Conservation Spotlight - Wildcat

    4th Jan 2021

    The last of our conservation spotlights sharing the exciting and crucial work undertaken by Wildwood’s dedicated superheroes in the Conservation Team.

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