1. Bearcub2 Web

    Orphaned bear cubs arrive at Wildwood Kent

    19th Aug 2020

    Wildwood Trust welcomes Mish and Lucy, a pair of brown bear cubs who were found abandoned in Albania.

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  2. Bear Cub2

    Wildwood Kent prepares for a ‘beary’ special arrival

    7th Aug 2020

    Wildwood Trust prepares new home for two abandoned bear cubs to arrive this summer.

    Wildlife conservation charity, Wildwood Trust, is busy creating a brand new home for two orphaned brown bear cubs to arrive from Belgium on Tuesday 18th August.

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  3. Hazeldormouse1 2500X1500 (1)

    Dormice pups bring new hope for the species in the UK

    17th Jul 2020

    A litter of endangered hazel dormice pups born at wildlife conservation charity ‘Wildwood Trust’ in Kent has ensured a vital new bloodline for the species.

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  4. Bisonblean2

    Bison to help bring back UK wildlife

    10th Jul 2020

    Wildwood Trust and Kent Wildlife Trust receive more than £1 million to fund groundbreaking wilding project.

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  5. Bee Orchid1

    Wildwood’s Mini Re-wilding

    12th Jun 2020

    Under the dark cloud that has been hanging over Wildwood since our re-opening plans for June 5th had to be shelved at the eleventh hour, nature is doing very well, thank you.

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