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Eurasian Beaver captive breeding and Ham Fen Beaver trial

Eurasian beavers (Castor Fiber) possess the ability to change their environment to suit themselves; cutting down trees, building dams and making canals. This behaviour can create and enhance wetlands, which are considered one of the most valuable ecosystems.

In 2002, Wildwood imported and quarantined beavers from Norway and Bavaria, to manage Ham Fen, a wetland nature reserve in Kent. After their initial quarantine at Wildwood, the beavers were relocated to the 130-acre wetland site.

Since their arrival on site, the habitat has been greatly improved by harvesting the trees and plants, raising the water table with dams and enriching the wetland habitat for other endangered species, including the water vole, great crested newt and wetland birds.

Wildwood will continue to support beaver projects in the future and hope to assist with other beaver trials and reintroductions in the future.

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