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Wildwood’s mission is to protect, conserve and rewild British wildlife.

We use natural solutions to fight the biodiversity crisis we are facing, halting the desolation of our wildlife and returning what we have lost. We do this through rewilding – restoring natural process and reintroducing missing species to shape the landscape.

Keystone species have the power to impact their environment, positively or negatively, creating the habitat to support a huge range of wildlife. From mighty bison restoring woodland, to industrious beavers creating wetlands, everyone has a role to play in their ecosystem.

The most influential keystone species is us. Every action we takes has the potential to change the environment. We can make the choice how we impact the world around us – are we going to stand up and safeguard nature, giving our wildlife a chance for a future?

You can make a difference. Become a Keystone supporter at Wildwood and build a future where people and nature can thrive together.

If you're interested in becoming a Keystone Supporter, give our Development Team a call on 01227 937419.

Become a Keystone Supporter


  • All the perks of our memberships
  • Exclusive invitation to the Director General's annual get together
  • Special species encounters
  • Keystone Supporter pin badge and eco-card
  • Your own tree dedication and plaque in the park of your choice
  • Your name displayed on our supporter recognition board (optional)


How your support helps

Wildwood relies on voluntary support to protect, conserve, and rewild British wildlife, so your donation really makes a difference. It will support the welfare of our animals, breeding and reintroductions, educating the next generation of rewilders, and giving British species a home again.

Keystone Supports can have a powerful impact at Wildwood and in the wider world beyond. Here's just a few of the many projects made possible because of your support:

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