Bison Calf 3 Dec2022 (Donovan Wright)
  1. Conservation Spotlight Wildcat2 Web

    Conservation spotlight - Wildcat

    4th Jan 2021

    The last of our conservation spotlights sharing the exciting and crucial work undertaken by Wildwood’s dedicated superheroes in the Conservation Team.

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  2. Wildcat Male2 Web

    New partnership to restore native wildcats to Britain

    3rd Jun 2020

    Wildwood Trust is delighted to be working in partnership with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) to restore species of conservation concern to Britain, with a particular focus on the European wildcat (Felis silvestris).

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  3. Kitten2

    Britain’s rarest animal given new hope as four wildcat kittens are born at Wildwood in Kent

    17th Aug 2019

    The kittens have been caught on video by remote cameras at Wildwood Trust near Canterbury – a charity dedicated to the restoration of Britain’s lost wildlife. Wildcats are Britain’s rarest creature and are now classified as “functionally extinct” in the wild.

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